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The Neville Staple Band : Put Away Your Knives

Neville 1



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UK release date 22.03.2019

The recent slew of knife crime and large scale murder investigations in London has led to some natural concern across the UK. Indeed, knife crime has seen a more widespread increase in the last three years across the country showing no signs of abatement.So it's good to see some musicians standing up to be counted and actively doing
something about the problem.One such team is Neville Staple (ex The Specials, Fun Boy Three, Special Beat, Judge Roughneck etc) and wife, Sugary Staple (who recently co-wrote the critically acclaimed ‘Rude Rebel’s Album).They have decided to pull their resources together to collaborate here with Dandy Livingstone, another stellar ska god and writer of 'Rudy, A Message To You' and address the problem the only way they know how.

Here they take a new positive approach and have come up with an apt lyrical message (and new version of the song) hopefully trying to actively discourage young people from getting involved in knife crime. Taking Benjamin Franklyn's axiom that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" sees Neville and his good lady proffering that crime is somewhat of a public health issue and that early support may stop someone from a path of crime.

The track itself is a classic 2Tone influenced punky ska and reggae roustabout complete with wailing trombone and general mayhem! A great rewrite of a ska spangled gem.Staple has lost none of his jovial swagger that made him such a popular figure during his time with The Specials.Ironically it's a shame it had to be recorded (as they too, have been affected by knife crime tragically losing their grandson) but this tribute is a fine rendition and by gad sir every inch a winner !
Words Emrys Baird

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